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About Us

Jaclyn Ayotte, LCMT

Jaclyn was born in Los Gatos, California.  Alternative and holistic practices were a way of life for her family; It was only natural that Jaclyn felt a calling to massage therapy later in life.  It was in watching her uncle pass away from melanoma skin cancer at the young age of 38, that Jaclyn was inspired to get into the healing field of massage, primarily massage for cancer and aging.  Through the last 9 years of her work, her clientele has expanded into pre/post natal moms, athletes, people with chronic pain and injuries, and for the most part everybody, and every body. 
Since becoming a massage therapist, Jaclyn has dreamed of opening a wellness center, where the whole body is healed from within.  She proudly transitioned her private practice of Massage Therapy of East Greenwich, to her collaborative of holistic services in Massage Therapy and Wellness of East Greenwich.  She is passionate about her work and in helping people to achieve their optimal health.  Each treatment is specifically designed to the clients needs, and special attention is given to problem areas. 
Jaclyn graduated from the Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork in Salem, MA. in 2004.  Since then, she has continued her education to include Pre and Post Partum care,Craniosacral Level 1,  Reiki level 3, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, shiatsu and Ayurvedic medicine. 
Another passion of Jaclyn's is assisting in the natural birth process of expectant mothers.  She believes whole heartedly in the benefits of massage and chiropractic care regularly throughout pregnancy, and would love to see a turn in the direction of more at home, or natural, drug-free deliveries. She believes the woman's body is a powerful vessel for accomplishing this, with the help of alternative treatments which will keep her healthy and prepare her body for the work it needs to do.  Jaclyn had the privilage of laboring at home with her second child, and says that it was the most empowering, amazing, difficult and beautiful thing she has ever done. 
Jaclyn is married to her best friend, John and is the proud mother to two beautiful children. 

Bridget Roberts, LCMT

Bridget’s path in life has always involved art. After deciding to take Human Anatomy and Physiology her senior year of high school she began to connect the art of the human body and the knowledge of how the body works. She came to the conclusion that the mechanics of the human body is indeed an art form. She felt the need to see where the art of human anatomy could take her. Bridget enrolled in CCRI for general education courses. She decided to take an “Introduction to Massage Therapy” course. This introductory course helped her find her passion for therapeutic massage. Massage was her true calling in life. Her desire to heal those that seek massage gave her the confidence to pursue her career. Bridget has been a massage therapist for one year and is excited to be entering a field with many possibilities. She is certified in prenatal massage, hot stone massage, Shiatsu, Integration of Shiatsu, and trained in specific area massage. Her goal during each session is to make the client feel relaxed, rejuvenated, stress-free, and an overall wellness after stepping out of the room. During her journey through the CCRI therapeutic massage program she participated in externships in facilities such as Meeting Street School in Providence, and the Comprehensive Cancer Center in the RI hospital. She is continuing her education and pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Wellness. Bridget believes that the massage profession is going to grow in an aspect of medical healing and she is motivated to help RI achieve .that goal. She is an active member of the RIAMTA serving as the Volunteer Coordinator for the chapter


George Wood, LMT

After achieving a BFA in communications, George  sought to learn about eastern medicine, a subject that had always fascinated him. Through his journey, he touched upon various healing modalities such as Reiki, chakras, and reflexology. This only served to fuel a need for further studies.Massage had always been an amateur practice. Having some knowledge of the human body’s muscular structure, He was naturally able to find and alleviate adhesions much to the relief of friends and co-workers.Taking this to a higher level, he studied in the field of Massage Therapy and became licensed. This continued practice has only lead to a desire to further learn and craft the profession to the highest level.An affinity for the more therapeutic modalities lead to a forte in Sports and deep Tissue massage, both of which he specializes in.George looks forward to his further journey in the healing arts and seeks to give the best possible therapy with professionalism and respect. 

Sarah Schneider, LMT

Sarah has had an interest in the field of massage therapy since she was a teenager.   At the time, other plans intervened, and she went on to different pursuits. After receiving an MA in English, however, her interest in massage remained. She decided to change course, and ultimately graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy's Groton, CT campus. At CCMT, she discovered the many benefits of massage. For Sarah, being able to help alleviate a client's pain, stress or anxiety is the most important and rewarding aspect of being a massage therapist.  She uses a variety of massage techniques in order address a person's physical and mental well-being, whether in the form of a nurturing Swedish massage, a more rigorous, specific deep tissue massage, or in using the warmth and weight of hot stones to enhance a massage. Sarah's current plans in the massage field include becoming educated in hospital-based massage in order to work with clients in a medical environment.

Michelle Moschetti, Reiki Practitioner

Michelle lives in New England with her husband and two young sons. She is a high school graduate with dyslexia and works part time in the healthcare field. During Michelle's challenging years in school, she was offered minimal assistance while striving to enhance her creativity with the many challenges that dyslexia brought to her daily life. The stark reality she faced then is a lot brighter today with more resources readily available to assist people with dyslexia or other learning disabilities. Over the years, Michelle has independently learned to manage and build strategies to overcome her challenges. She has accomplished her ultimate goal of writing and publishing The Ribbons Series. Since the early years of Michelle’s childhood, she has been able to connect with loved ones who have passed on. Michelle has taken classes at the All That Matters- Yoga and Holistic Health Center, Wakefield R.I. and The Grateful Heart, North Kingstown R.I  to learn how to use her abilities to help others cope and heal with their loss of loved ones and other personal healing matters.  She has also completed training in the area of Reiki and is fully certified to perform Reiki therapy. Michelle is currently performing Reiki at Massage Therapy and Wellness of East Greenwich, R.I.

Kayla Hetherington,
 Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer

Kayla was born and raised in East Greenwich and now resides in Narragansett with her loving husband and two children. Growing up Kayla was introduced to Reiki, reflexology, and crystal healing by her stepmother. She has always had a strong connection to the Divine and Nature. Before motherhood, Kayla spent time as a medical secretary working with the elderly. Her favorite part of the job was making the residents happy and enhancing their wellbeing through the simple act of kindness. She then became a stay-at-home mother focusing on raising conscious children and practicing mindfulness. Growing up Kayla suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, and chronic pain. She has learned to manage this in her adult life through meditation, exercise, positive thinking, Reiki, as well as holistic and metaphysical healing. It has made her a better mother and overall a more balanced and energized person. It was through these experiences that Kayla discovered her purpose as a healer. Kayla has studied and gained an extensive knowledge of crystals that can be used to heal and improve one's life. She has achieved her certificate as a Reiki Practitioner of the Usui System of Natural Healing. Being a Reiki Practitioner has been a gift that Kayla feels grateful to have and loves to share. Healing mind,body, spirit as a whole and helping others is what is most important to her. Kayla's life goal is to open up more people to the world of alternative healing so that they may reach their full authentic potential and live a joyful life.


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